Friday, October 05, 2007

Morro Bay

I've been meaning to go back to Morro Bay for quite some time now and it took some planning just to be able to do it. There were places I was supposed to be and things I needed to do but it was already planned out so there I went.
It was a very easy drive going up. There were a few stops here and there. One of the ways that I made sure that I would stop more often was that I would stop for gas if the tank got to the halfway mark. Everytime that the 101 Highway merged with Highway 1, I would stop at every pier I saw, well, try to stop... Some were nicer than others and there were some that should be torn down. This was one of the nicer ones.
MorroBay (1)
I also stopped when I saw this...
MorroBay (2)

But there was not even a hint that Santa was there!

I turned off the 101 onto the 1 Highway to Morro Bay around 1:00pm. It was a gorgeous day. I immediately drove to the north side of the "rock" to the surf side and even this late into the day there were still a few surfers out on the water and people strolling along the shore.
MorroBay (4)

MorroBay (10)

MorroBay (11)

MorroBay (5)

A car pulled up beside mine and 2 guys and a girl came out looking to go into the water. The guys had boogie boards and from their accents, they were definitely not from California. The girl took one look at the rock and started running towards it. Even with signs telling people not to climb onto the rocks, she gave it a try.
MorroBay (6)

She didn't make it up too high, then again she was dressed more for swimming.
MorroBay (7)

The rock is home to different types of birds.
MorroBay (8)

I made my way to the south side of the rock to see that the water there is protected by a break water. Though there are signs warning people that they should not swim or wade and definitely no diving.

MorroBay (12)

MorroBay (13)

MorroBay (14)

There were a good number of school buses. There were at least 4 groups being led by some guides. One guide would give a lecture about the types of birds that can be found and I overheard a particularly gruesome account of the hunting/eating habits of the peregrine falcons that can be found here. The other guides were setting up monoculars for the students to look through. I had asked what they were looking at and they were kind enough to tell me where some of the nests were on the rock. They pointed to a couple of falcons.

MorroBay (16)

After walking around a bit, I was starting to get hungry. I headed for the marina.
MorroBay (17)

MorroBay (18)

MorroBay (19)

I was not in the mood for seafood (big surprise there huh?) and lunch was not looking to promising until I spotted the Embarcadero Grill that boasted a wood burning grill and bbq. Once I got seated, i was treated to a nice view of the rock...
MorroBay (20)

Wait a minute...
MorroBay (21)

I find it gratifying that these guys feel comfortable and safe enough to just swim up and make themselves comfortable here. Just as I was taking this picture, I saw another one swimming to the right and get up on the other pier/landing. I guess people around here do a great job of not only leaving them alone but letting the "tourists" know not to get too close to them.

I decide to take a few more picture before I leave.
MorroBay (23)

MorroBay (22)

On the way out...
MorroBay (24)

This one is for Derrick.
MorroBay (25)

Great day!


Anonymous Amanda said...

There used to be a Santa there, I'm not sure if we're talking about the same one....Well a Santa now resides by the 101 north freeway in Camarillo or Oxnard. It's this huge bust of Santa. There was a special on it on the Elf dvd. Again, IDK if it's the same one. I know he used to be on a Santa Clause many of those are out there...

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