Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Whooligans at Buster's

Tonight I went to see the Whooligans play at Buter's Beach House in Long Beach. I've been watching this band since I met their lead vocalist, Ed Bell and his "better 3/4", Royce standing in line at a luau over 3 years ago and it started with a hug.

The band had their Halloween show, so they were in their costumes.

Whooligans at Buster's (1)

Matt Brislawn is amazing on the violin. According the the band, the crowd, he was either the Gay Blade, a Swashbuckler, a Rennaissance Fair reject and when he took off the vest maternity wear model...
Whooligans at Buster's (2)

Danny Wilder plays the accordian (and makes it look cool), the recorder and sometimes gets on the guitar. He was playing the role of a drunken pirate (the drunken part was done extremely well, what an actor!).
Whooligans at Buster's (3)

Matt Clutterbuck plays the guitar and provides vocals. With the help of some make up artistry from Royce, he made a pretty good caveman.
Whooligans at Buster's (4)

Paul Toth is the bass guitar wizard. He didn't know it was Halloween, he admitted to Ed that he just had the outfit in his closet already.
Whooligans at Buster's (5)

Ed Bell is the lead vocalist. He also plays the Bodhran, the bass ukelele and the banjo.
Whooligans at Buster's (6)

It was an awesome show and the band did not disappoint. If you ever get the chance to see the Whooligans in action, definitely take it.


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