Friday, December 07, 2007

Helicopter Tour of Long Beach

Mike invited a few people to a party held by his financial adviors at Ameriprise Financial Services last night. It was at a nice restaurant, DaVinci's, adjacent to the Long Beach Airport. It was held at the restaurant's outdoor patio overlooking the airport's smaller runways for private airplanes. Ameriprise booked two helicopters to fly 3 guests at a time for a 10 - 15 minute tour of Long Beach. From the restaurant's 3rd floor patio, the guests had a look at the helicopters being used.
Helicopter Tour (1)

I've never been in a helicopter before. I was so excited at the opportunity that I didn't even think twice about the size of the helicopters being used... from our vantage point, they looked ok but once you got a closer look, they were pretty small!

Maria and Stephanie
Helicopter Tour (3)

Elena and Maria
Helicopter Tour (4)

Mike and Maria
Helicopter Tour (5)

Unfortunately, I had brought along the wrong lens and these were the only ones that came out recognizable.

Redondo Avenue
Helicopter Tour (6)

Long Beach Lighthouse
Helicopter Tour (7)

Cargo containers at the docks
Helicopter Tour (8)

Helicopter Tour (10)

The cranes
Helicopter Tour (9)

This is the best I got of the Queen Mary and the Dome, we were banking north at the time.
Helicopter Tour (11)

This is one of the off-shore derricks off Belmont Shores
Helicopter Tour (12)

Coming back to the airport and the hangar.
Helicopter Tour (13)

Looking back at the helicopter and the our pilot. Once the excitement wore down a little I realized how tiny that helicopter WAS!!!!
Helicopter Tour (14)

It was a great experience. I just want to thank Mike and Maria for the invitation.


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