Monday, October 29, 2007

Frying Fish and Yogurt

Celia had a few friends celebrate Jim's birthday tonight at the Frying Fish in Little Tokyo. We were around 16 people and we took up about half the place. The Frying Fish has a conveyor belt that has the sushi going around the bar and Celia had a camera on a plate going around the conveyor belt. You can see the video on her blog. Here are some of the pictures I took...

SushiBday (1)

SushiBday (2)

SushiBday (3)

Never a normal picture with these two and Jim? Well, it's Jim.
SushiBday (4)

Poppy is such a darling!
SushiBday (5)

SushiBday (6)

The conveyor belt
SushiBday (8)

Jim's close up on the camera on the conveyor belt...
SushiBday (9)

Now for dessert.
SushiBday (11)

Yogurt at CeFiore
SushiBday (13)

SushiBday (12)

SushiBday (14)

Good food, great company, yummy dessert... all on a Monday night!


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