Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snow Day!

All the rain we were all expecting yesterday never showed. It was supposed to pour down on us last Friday. All I got was a little drizzle, not even enough to use my windshield wipers! Now I love a good rain, heck I even love a bad rain. There was NO rain! So James and I went to look where it went and found it at Mount Baldy.

Snow day (1)

Snow day (2)

Snow day (4)

Snow day (5)

Snow day (6)

People who were here for the weekend were taking home some souvenirs.
Snow day (7)

What I realized after taking the previous picture was the cool sign that was across the street.
Snow day (8)
"THROWING SNOWBALLS OR OTHER OBJECTS AT VEHICLES PROHIBITED BY LAW" At one point there must have been an outbreak!

This just reminded me of an episode of the Simpsons... "Mr. Plow"
Snow day (9)

A friend of ours just had surgery last week and was couped up at home so we thought we would stop by with some treats from a favorite restaurant.
Snow day (10)

Gotta love snow days.


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