Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not a Cornfield and The Bridge

I thought it was interesting that the Los Angeles State Historic Park known as the Cornfield really wasn't, well it was but only once. In 2005, a project by Lauren Bon and funded by the Annenberg Foundation, they replaced the brownfield left by years of industry with soil from other locations and planted a million seeds of corn. This was for 1 agricultural cycle and the project left behind fertile soil.
I've always drove past the park but never stopped to take a look around. Saturday, after having lunch with Jim and Celia, James and I went to look around.

The cornfields

There is a well-used packed dirt track that runs around the park.
Path to downtown

It was a nice park. There was a good sized pond on the far side, away from the street that had a few ducks paddling about. I was wondering with such a great day out, why weren't more people enjoying it? There were maybe a total of 10 people in the park and 3 of them worked there. There was a couple walking who could have been Wonton's cousin and a family riding their bikes along the path. That was it.

Another place that we wanted to check out was the 6th Street Bridge. James still doubts that it was used in a scene of LOST.
Downtown Los Angeles


This is the 4th Street Bridge.
4th Street Bridge

Ok LOST fans!
6th Street Bridge

6th Street bridge

I also see this bridge used in car commercials and it was also where the plane tried to take off in the end of the movie SWAT.



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