Sunday, January 06, 2008

Resolutions and the first week

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the coming year and what kind of goals I should work towards. I usually don't make resolutions, at least not any serious ones. That way, when I don't stick to them it isn't a big deal. I figure, if it was really important, I don't need a new year to dictate that something needs to be done.
Thinking that way is good in theory but it can also make you lazy and me... complacent. I've decided that I can't fall back on the "it will happen when it happens" way of thinking. I'm going to put it on the line and make a few hard resolutions and really stick to them.

  1. Drop 50: Let's face it none of us are getting younger and the only way I am going to see the other side of 60 years is to get healthier. With a couple of heart surgeries and a rapidly expanding... everything, I've got to get rid of some "pound-age".
  2. To help with #1, I'm exercising more. I am taking to walking around the neighborhood and as I get in better shape I will increase the frequency. So far (first week), I've been walking every other day (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) with Saturdays as a special treat.
  3. I've stopped drinking soda and coffee since Thanksgiving, thanks to a suggestion from my cousin Rolly. Nowadays, I only drink water, green tea or juice (rarely). I've done better than I thought with this one so I will continue with it.

Those are really the main ones. I have a few other resolutions that are minor self improvements and honestly more for my own ego.

  1. I've really been having a lot of fun with photography ever since I got my Nikon D50. I must say though that for the most part I am still in the dark (haha) with much of what I am doing behind the camera. So, I've started another project (the first one wasn't the success I had hoped-Darn you James and your word) which involves a photo a week for the year and each picture tied in to a song. I'm not too happy with the first week, I hope I get better.
  2. I'm usually pretty good with remembering people's birthdays. Unless there is a get-together or a night out, I will usually let it pass without telling the celebrants "Happy Birthday". If these people are worth having as friends and I love my family, I should be acknowledging their birthdays whether there is a get-together or not.

Those are pretty much it. I am really putting myself on the spot here. By putting it all here for my friends and family to read, I have given them the power to hold accountable. So everyone, feel free to slap that doughnut out of my hand!

Lemon-Butter Club

The Lemon Butter Club had its first meeting Saturday. I know, I know after all I said above, I segue into a Lemon Butter Club report? I did very well actually. So here goes...

I decided that I was not going to be calling anymore meetings for a few reasons, so I told the most of the members that if they wanted to have a "meeting" someone other than myself will have to call one. Stephanie heard of a place from another website, called Asian Buffet in Buena Park and called a meeting. We had 17 people total and 4 new members, Mike & Maria and Paul and Elena.

LemonButterJan (1)

LemonButterJan (5)

LemonButterJan (7)

It was a good meeting...


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