Friday, April 10, 2009

Playing Catch Up II

So there were times I was able to get out while my dad was recuperating. A few times friends took me out for a spell. Now that dad is getting much better, though not fast enough in his opinion, I've been able to relax a bit more.

Tony's New Tank
I had lunch with most of the Wong family a few weeks back (sorry Bradley but you were in school). Turns out Tony got himself a new 150 gallon aquarium. This would make it how many Tony? Looking around their home, I told Grace that she had better watch out because if she blinks Tony will have the swimming pool filled with more coral and a shark or two!
Tony's new tank

Sam & Brieanna got married!
Last week Sam and Brieanna got married! The ceremony was small and very nice. It was held at the Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs. I would never had known that such a place existed! It was well hidden away section of an otherwise busy section south of Downtown Santa Fe Springs. The ceremony was in an open courtyard and the reception at the gardens.
Brieanna being escorted by her father.


The newlyweds

With Mrs. Brieanna Smythe

This will be all for now got more!


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