Friday, April 13, 2007

Kauai: Day One

Since I arrived in Oahu Thursday evening, there was not much going on other than un-packing and re-packing for Kauai. The last of the families were also leaving about the same time today so it was back and forth to the airport.
I was taking an island hopper commuter plane and I was curious as to how big an airplane I was on. In the back of my head I was thinking small, real small. I was actually looking forward to a single prop plane when I saw this...
Kauai Day1 (1)

I was thinking cool, then I realized that there were a little too many people waiting in the terminal/gate with me. That plus I don't think my parents would appreciate such an adventurous ride.
Kauai Day1 (2)

As it turns out, this was our plane. It has been a while since I have had to walk up to board a plane. It has all been through a gate at the terminal.
Kauai Day1 (3)

While the plane was waiting to get on the runway to take off, this 737 was landing right in front of us. Got these shots from the window.
Kauai Day1 (4) Kauai Day1 (5) Kauai Day1 (6)
Click on each picture to see a larger size.

It was a bright day so I took a few shots from the air.
Kauai Day1 (7)

Kauai Day1 (8)

The ride from the airport to the condo took about half an hour. Not because of the distance but because of the speed limits. There are no freeways in Kauai and the speed limit in most places were only 25 - 35 mph.
These are the two views from the balconey of the condo...
Kauai Day1 (10)

Kauai Day1 (11)

The wedding was going to be at the Grand Hyatt Resort in Poipu, Kauai. It is GRAND! As soon as you walk into the lobby you are treated to a fantastically framed view of the ocean.
Kauai Day1 (12)

The Grand Hyatt is a good sized resort and it took a while to find the rehearsal. From one of the windows I spotted the party.
Kauai Day1 (13)

Part of the ceremonies that evening was for all the friends and family to give/share their wishes, blessings to the couple. It was a very moving part of the evening's ceremonies.
Kauai Day1 (15)
Kauai Day1 (14) Kauai Day1 (16) Kauai Day1 (17) Kauai Day1 (18) Kauai Day1 (19) Kauai Day1 (20) Kauai Day1 (21)
And finally her parents...
Kauai Day1 (22)

After the ceremonies, the reunion started.
Kauai Day1 (23)

Kauai Day1 (24)

The dinner was at Poipu Beach, about 5 minutes from the hotel. The couple made their announcements, introductions and the first of many "Thank Yous".
Kauai Day1 (25)

When the dinner started to wind down a few of the cousins went down to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a gorgeous sunset.
Kauai Day1 (26)

To make sure it was real, I had to get in the picture...
Kauai Day1 (27)

Celia and Jim
Kauai Day1 (28)

The next generation...
Kauai Day1 (29)

Cousins, George and Angel.
Kauai Day1 (30)

After a while the kids had the beach all to themselves.
Kauai Day1 (32)

Kauai Day1 (33)

Kauai Day1 (35)

This visit was off to an awesome start! There were cousins I saw last year, cousins I haven't seen in ages, their kids and their kid's kids.


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