Friday, April 16, 2004

Hilaring Highlights II

Well, it isn't really part II but it is the second entry under that heading... 'nuff said.

- We started a list of Lori-isms the other day. As it turns out others are making it a point to contribute their own list of "isms". According to Berda there are 54 weeks in a year and 4.3 weeks in a month...
- Caitlin Yee sees a bunch of seagulls at the lake and gets excited pointing at them and yelling "Squawky duck, squacky duck!"
- Walking down the main street from dinner, Breanna complains about the wind the same way she complains about her seatbelt... "Stupid wind!"
- Lori-ism of the day: "I'm so smart, I put my chapstick in my pocket."
- A good number of people decide to all "camp out" in the living room tonight. Tonight's mantra: "NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE SLEEPS TONIGHT!"
- Buffet again? but this will make it 4 times this week... Oh ok.
Song of the Day: "And The Beat Goes On" by The Whispers


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