Monday, September 27, 2004

Cornerstone Retreat

Cornerstone had their retreat this past weekend. I'm sure there are a lot of stories from different people of their "revival" and I have those too. It is going to take a few days to share most of those stories so either expect long postings or a whole bunch of medium ones.

Retreat Stories, Part I

One would think that on the first night/day people would be to busy with trying to settle down and get unpacked to get into any kind of mischief... I guess I'm not included in that theory. Upon arrival a conspiracy of sorts was being developed between "The Four" (Wil, John, Sammy and me) with the young lady from the Hallmark store that Wil used to send out a fax. As she gave us recommendations for restaurants, she said that her cousin worked at one of the restaurants. She gave us a few personal information on the cousin that we can use to convince him that we knew him from Texas. We wanted to ask one of the waitresses to point out Robert, because it would kill the gag if we were to ask Robert to point himself out. Our waitress told us he was at the jazz night club upstairs and we were making plans to come back before they closed.
Then I hear this voice cut across the restaurant, "HEY YOU!" I was thinking, "uh oh, someone is in trouble." Then I hear, "YOU with the yellow bracelet!"...

to be continued...
Disclaimer: The preceeding is not an accurate accounting of what took place, but rather how my memory recorded it.


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