Friday, September 17, 2004

Goodbye Flag

We had to put Flag down tonight. He was 12 years old.
It started at about 3 am. He was whining and whimpering so loud. We tried to make him more comfortable, we thought it was just his arthritis. He started feeling better or at least not in so much pain. Until...
Later that day, I refilled his water dish and he couldn't even get up to drink. We took him to a vet in Downey and they "referred" us to an emergency animal hospital the a$$@#* wouldn't even come out to see him!
When the vet at the animal hospital finally saw us and started examining Flag, he was not very optimistic in his prognosis. He kept shaking his head and i knew this was not going to be good and I had a real bad feeling as to where this was heading. He said that even with the series of treatments it would be 50% that Flag would be ok. As he started going into the type of treatments, Flag started convulsing. The vet said he was having a seizure and that I should hold him tight to keep Flag from hurting himself even more. My heart was breaking right there.

My sister arrived and was told of the news. As hard as it was for me, I couldn't imagine how hard she was taking this. Flag was the family pet, but he was her baby. He was her sounding board, her therapy... she treated that dog better than some people.
The vet asked us if we wanted to be present when he gave Flag the "injection". We did not want to, but we knew we couldn't not be there. The vet said that it would only take 20 seconds after the injection, then it will be over. He couldn't have been more wrong! Flag took one last gasp and let out a whine and then he was gone. That's when my sister lost it, which triggered my losing it.

I don't remember when the last time I cried...

I already miss my dog.


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