Saturday, July 02, 2005

When we say Ozo, you say Matli!

Just saw Ozomatli's performance at the California Plaza. I have to say they put on an awesome show. The California Plaza's Water Court is a nice venue but you have to ask the question, "If you put on a free concert with a rockin', dance-inspiring group like Ozomatli in a venue with limited seating, an inadequate dancing area and on a stage surrounded by a wading pool ... how long before people jump into the pool?"
Uh huh. It started with two people jumping over to one of two "islands" to get away from the cramped dance area, then another couple running across to the water to dance in front of the stage and then you get WaterWorld. The Water Court management stopped the concert to ask/tell people to get out of the pool. They also added that repair to the extensive pool could reach the hundred thousands and would end any hopes of any more concerts.
One guy did not like that announcement and really took his time to get out of the pool. There were two sides in the crowd, cheering him on and booing him off.
At the end of the concert, Ozomatli went through the crowd with their concert ending chant "Ozomatli, si se fue!" While they were going into the stands, that one guy ran back into the pool giving security and pretty much everyone who was booing him the "finger" then he dropped his pants and mooned the crowd and I guess the video cameras filming the event. The "suits tried to get at him but no way they were going to go into the water to chase this guy down. They figured wait for him and get him when he comes out. He heads for the crowd, takes a moment or two to dance with a few girls then dives into the crowd. Not sure if he got away, a part of me kind of hopes he did.

Hmmm, I wonder which concert to go to next ... Oh! Ladysmith Black Mambazo! that should be a good one!


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