Friday, August 26, 2005

Blood Drive

My family and I would like to thank everyone who came to the blood drive for Laura. Thank you to all the donors, volunteers from Kaiser, everyone who came to help, strangers and most especially to Ali and Adam for organizing the whole thing.
My family and I cannot thank all of you enough for your kindness and love. You have all been a great source of strength.
I am told that some people were not able to donate. If you are still of the mind to donate, it is not too late. You can still contact Kaiser to make an appointment. Please mention Ali Mazarei and Laura so that Laura gets credit for your donation:

Mariliz B. Triggs
Blood and Platelet Program Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
Blood Donor Center
Tie Line 363-7069 or (323) 783-7069
Cell (323) 868-1870
Pager (323) 341-1799
Email: Mariliz.E.Triggs(at)
I would also like to personally thank my brothers and sisters from Cornerstone. You have been a great source of comfort. I thank you so much for the love you have given.
Berda, Daniel, Grace, Hank, James, Joe, Kathy, Steve, Thad and Will thank you for making the trip to LA.
View from the street:
Waiting in line.
Picture of calm.
Relax, the needle isn't even in yet...
"just one pint... right?"
For some it was no problem...
For others... well...
Ain't no thing!
James wanted to give blood...
But he kind'a got sidetracked...
View from the roof...
Showing off their colored bands.
Once again Thank you everyone!


Anonymous Jolene said...

James said he was only telling that girl what time it was all innocent...

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