Wednesday, August 10, 2005


So I was on my way home when I get this strange phone call.

"Two of your friends are looking for you. Meet them at the police station."

I didn't recognize the voice or the phone number, but the police station? I figured it would be safe and if two of my friends were at the police station, they may be in trouble (automatic response, hahaha). As I pull up, a car drives up and I am "forced into another car. So much for safe!
So now I'm in the back seat of the car and I have no clue as to where we were going, other than south. I pull out my Sidekick and IM'd the first person that was still online.

"Traci, I've been kidnapped!"
"I'm in a car and I've been kidnapped!"

I'm hoping my kidnappers (since I'm no longer a kid...I know... is it still considered "kid"napping?) doesn't notice the glow from the Sidekick.

Traci: Uncle Angel, Nat says hi.

I put away the Sidekick before they saw it, not like it was doing me any good. I realize that we were now in Laguna Beach. The Pageant of the Masters was still getting out so there are a lot of people on the streets. Downtown Laguna Beach would be a great place to hang out at night if there were more places open at night. For the most part, there are 2 bars/night clubs, a gas station and a Diedrich's Coffee that are still open.

The car is now on PCH heading north. I've driven this route many times before. To the right were all these multi-million dollar homes. Never really got to check them out while driving. They are certainly big but otherwise not that impressive.


and driving...

After a while they start asking me these questions and none of it makes any sense... so after a while they realize they grabbed the wrong guy. They apologized repeatedly, they even stopped at Shorehouse Cafe in Seal Beach and fed me. They dropped me off at my car where they took me earlier and asked not to call the police on them.

I thought well, they did feed me and it was a nice drive... But still, if anyone out there see these two people...Keep away from them. Unless of course you are hungry, bored and want to go for a nice drive through some coastal communities at night... Oh and you are nabbed by them, don't call Traci for help...


Anonymous natalie the awesome said...

heyyy i dont get it.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...I am not an "adult"napper! Maybe an "adult molester", but not a "nabber"...and I don't think you did an accurate mugshot...I got more hair than that...maybe the other "nabber" doesn't have much hair due to stress...but I got more than that and long hair too!

10:15 AM  

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