Friday, December 14, 2007

Disneyland in December

I haven't been able to get to Disneyland the whole of November so Amanda and I are going to try to make up for it in December. Yesterday was the first of this month's visits. We got there about 20 minutes before the park opened and it was looking like a beautiful day!
DisneyChristmas (1)

DisneyChristmas (2)

The tree on Main Street was just awesome!
DisneyChristmas (3)

The crowd was stopped at the entrance to the hub for the "rope drop".
DisneyChristmas (4)

DisneyChristmas (5)

Once the rope was dropped the crowd (which really wasn't much of a crowd) went off into the different 'lands depending on their attack plan of the park. Only a few took advantage the sparse crowds in front of the castle, which was all decked out.
DisneyChristmas (6)

Our first stop: It's A Small World.
DisneyChristmas (7)

Then the Storybook Land Boat ride. I've never been on this one. It is actually very cool.
DisneyChristmas (8)

We went on the Mark Twain's first trip of the day. I've always wanted to go into the wheelhouse. As soon as we boarded we went up to the wheelhouse and asked the captain if we could join her.
DisneyChristmas (9)

Our Captain, Brenda. She was very nice and had a bunch of information about the park, the boat and the history of Disneyland.
DisneyChristmas (10)

We got to ring the bells and blow the whistle. Those are the ropes to the left.
DisneyChristmas (11)

This was the view from the top.
DisneyChristmas (12)

After the trip, Captain Brenda gave each of us a pilot's certificate.

We hung out in ToonTown for a bit.
DisneyChristmas (14)

DisneyChristmas (15)

A went to visit Minnie at her place but she wasn't home. I was a little hungry so I raided her fridge.
DisneyChristmas (16)

But Mickey was at home. He showed us some movies and posed for a picture.
DisneyChristmas (17)

He asked us if we wouldn't mind bringing in Goofy's mail for him.
DisneyChristmas (18)

I stopped to say hi to Ariel before we went to lunch.
DisneyChristmas (21)

After having lunch at the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney, we went to California Adventure to see if we could catch the Aladdin Show. We got there too late. So we just sort of roamed around.
DisneyChristmas (22)

DisneyChristmas (23)

The High School Musical parade went by while we were walking around. Still haven't seen the first one.
DisneyChristmas (24)

Walking past the backside of the Grizzly River ride, I was wondering who would be crazy enough to get on that ride in this weather (it was nice out but it was starting to get chilly) knowing hat you were going to get soaked! Then I saw these girls. I've gotten wet on this ride before when I came with some friends for my birthday but not that wet! She was soaked!
DisneyChristmas (25)

They were celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Snow White at the Animaton Theater. They had some artwork on display. Then we headed back to Disneyland. We pretty much covered what we wanted to do and got a bunch of "firsts" so we decided to just take it easy and scope out a prime location for the parade, the castle lighting show, snow and the fireworks.
DisneyChristmas (27)

DisneyChristmas (31)

DisneyChristmas (29)

DisneyChristmas (30)

The park was getting ready to close at 10pm as Amanda and I started heading out with the (non) crowd. It really wasn't that crowded. So the Disney "ju-ju" is still at a 100%.
DisneyChristmas (32)

Going back next Thursday, who wants to go?


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