Monday, April 13, 2009

Heavy Metal Bee Gees and the Silversun Pickups

Stephanie had tickets for a "Bee Gees tribute band" playing at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney last Saturday. I was a late fan of the Bee Gees, really late. The disco era passed me by when it came through the first time. My family was moving at the time (Guam - Hawaii - Los Angeles) and I was preoccupied at trying to fit in at whatever new school I ended up in. I was still into the music that my older cousins were into when we had left Guam. I was just starting to appreciate Led Zepplin, Bad Company, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Eagles, Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
I didn't see Saturday Night Fever until long after Staying Alive was finally being showed on KTLA's afternoon movie special on TV! My sisters were more in touch with the current music than me. I think it was Celia that introduced/re-introduced the disco era music to me in the late 80's. That's pretty much the timeline for my appreciating the Bee Gees.
So back to the concert. So, Stephanie told my she had 4 tickets to a tribute band. I had asked a few friends if they wanted to go. It was last minute and with the next day being Easter, there weren't a lot of takers. The group ended up being Hank, Berda, James and myself. The concert was at Downtown Disney at the House of Blues. I did not learn that the tribute band was a Heavy Metal Tribute Band! Hmmmm, Bee Gees songs played in heavy metal style! I was curious but I was a little worried about Berda. I wasn't sure if she would be able to take something like this. Unfortunately, there was an opening band and I did not care for them at all. Berda was enjoying their spectacle for a while but it wore off quickly. If there wasn't an opening band, I think Berda would have lasted longer as it was, I was surprised she lasted as long as she did. Having to stand up the whole time also took a lot out of her, so she told us she would wait outside after 3 songs and Hank went with her. James and I stayed for another 3 songs then rejoined the two outside. We walked around for a bit then went to Pho 54, a Vietnamese restaurant in Fountain Valley for some pho.

On the tram from the parking structure.


James wanted to tease our friend Casey by taking this photo.

Silversun Pickups
My cousin Amado calls and tells me that his son Chris has a ticket for me for his band's concert in Pomona. The last time I saw the band perform live was at the Troubadour in Hollywood three years ago. Silversun Pickups have come a long way since then. Their latest album (are they still called albums?), Swoon, will be coming out this tomorrow.
There were 2 opening bands, The Happy Hallows and the Deadly Syndrome. They were very good bands to warm up the crowd that was starting to fill up the venue. By the time the Deadly syndrome was wrapping up their set the place had already sold out. From the VIP section, above the floor, I can see the people outside who couldn't get inside. The singer for the Deadly Syndrome had a strong voice and very distinct.
When Silversun Pickups took the stage the place erupted. Their set had a lot of songs from their first album. When they played their new songs, looking at the crowd, I was amazed at how the crowd already knew the lyrics and were singing along. Chris' mom commented how she thought that many in the audience were going to have neck aches the way they were all bobbing their heads throughout the concert!
After the concert we went backstage to congratulate the band. I loved how the rest of the band all called Amado and Emma "tito Amado" and "tita Emma". I told Chris, "you know that you are doing well, when you have roadies packing up all your equipment for you now."
They are going to be at Coachella on the first day, Friday. Still not sure if I will be going.

With Chris backstage.

With his parents.

View from the VIP section. Only had my little point and shoot camera. Christopher on the left on drums.


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nice! I would love to tag along to their next concert ;)
had fun at the Troubadour the last time

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