Thursday, May 21, 2009

James recovery

Went down to visit James earlier today with Berda. When we got to his room, he had just finished his lunch and sitting up in a wheelchair.
me, Berda and James in his hospital room

He had a physical therapy session in the morning and his next one wasn't until 1:30.
A few of his friends showed up and visited for a while. Great meeting you Joe, Art, Diego and Melina!
Joe, Art, Diego and Melina from Panasonic.

After James' friends from work left Michelle, one of his physical therapists, came by for his 1:30 PT (physical therapy). She invited me and Berda to come along to the gym. Michelle was having him do some exercises focusing on his left side. He needed to practive moving things from one side of the table to the other using only his left hand, a lot harder than we thought (at least for James)! At one point he was supposed to take some clothes pins from a box, open them, then place them in another box to the right using only his left hand. As soon as she turned around, I caught him cheating! So we made him do over!
Physical therapy

Before he got done two other friends, Wayne and Jolene arrived. Instead of going back to his room, we visited in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Dining room/rec area. There is more room there to visit and not have to worry about being to loud for his roommate. Here we are in the Dining/rec area.
Visiting in the Acute Rehab Unit's dining area

I asked James how he was handling the PT and he said that he can't believe that they expect him to do 6 hours of PT throughout the day, he says that he has never worked out that much when he was healthy (relativey)! Yeah, we told him to quit whining and take it like a man!

Dining area/Rec area for the Acute Rehab Unit
Visiting and chatting.
James and Berda

Discussing what type of motorcyles each of us were going to be getting.
Wayne and James in the hospital dining area

After a while he was starting to get tired so we all went back to his room so he could rest a little for his 3:30 PT session. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Andrew (brother) and Christine (sister in law) arrived bringing him some workout clothes and shoes.

So things are looking up. James is regaining his warped sense of humor but knows that he has a lot of therapy ahead of him!


Blogger Ryan said...

Yes! Motorcycles! Then come and ride up here and will go to the mountains.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Angel ABC said...

Great to see James on the road to recovery ...

7:03 AM  

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