Tuesday, May 19, 2009

James is out of the SICU

Last night James was transferred out the SICU wing of the hospital. He is doing much better these days and he is in looking forward to getting out of the hospital. Right now arrangements are being made to either transfer him to the Acute Rehabilitation Wing or the Skilled Rehabilitation Wing. We are told by the Care Manager that he qualifies medically for either, it is up to some paperwork and his decision as to how intense he wants his therapy.
He is thinking the faster the better but worried about the intensity... He will be consulting with his family on that decision.

Tonight, we just hung out talking about what still needs to be done, made plans for gaining some of his weight back, a couple of road trips for this summer... We watched a little of the Laker game, though he switched the channels quite a bit. James is one serious channel surfer!

His brothers and sisters in law were visiting earlier.


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