Saturday, May 23, 2009

580.2 miles, 22 hours and 48 minutes

I made a turn-around trip to Vegas yesterday. Hank and Berda told me that they were going to Vegas to celebrate Ada's birthday and asked me if I would be interested in joining them. I thought it was the perfect quick road trip/turn-around trip opportunity! Hank told me that Derrick might be interested in coming along for a turn-around as well. So after a couple of phone calls and checking with "the boss" (his wife Kathy), it was all set!

I got up at 6am, Friday morning, got a few things ready and picked up Derrick. We were worried that the traffic to Las Vegas would get very bad if we left later in the day. As it turned out there really wasn't any traffic until we got to the Vegas Strip.

Whiskey Pete's

Ada's friend Bruce had set up a suite at the Trump Tower. It was on the 59th floor and the view was NICE! I would have to say that the room had one of the coolest bathrooms I've seen in a hotel room. All of us spent a few minutes checking out the bathroom for a good while. It was VERY spacious and the bathtub was huge!

Killer view from the bath tub!
bathtub view of Vegas!

All of us fit in the bathroom!
meeting in the bathroom!

Ada playing in the shower.
Ada in the shower

Berda got lost in the tub.
It's a bathtub Berda not a room swimming pool!

I could spend a lot of time in this bathroom. It even has cable TV! The TV is in the mirror.
TV in the mirror
[Click here for a larger version]

Connie and Ada trying to make drinks.
Connie and Ada

View out the bedroom window.
View from the bedroom window

Hank nad Derrick planning a poker game. I was just lounging, those chairs were comfortable!
Hank, Derrick and me

After we relaxed a little, gambled a little, walked for a bit, we hit the buffet at Planet Hollywood. It used to be a favorite when the hotel was The Aladdin. I remember my sister, Laura, and I taking a similar turn-around trip just to go to their buffet (after dropping off the mom and aunts). We initiated Ada into the Lemon Butter Club.
New Lemon-Butter Club member

Ada's birthday funnel cake. Where did that candle come from?
Ada's birthday funnel cake

After dinner, the crowd split up to change, gamble, and shop (yes to shop!). We all met up at the Orleans to watch a band called Volume Six. The singer was in a band that Hank followed and had put together a new band so Hank "HAD to see them!"
Volume 6

Niki made sure our beverage needs were met! Except for Hank and Derrick's Smirnoff Ice orders.

Tony and Letisha (Vegas transplants) joined us there. Tony didn't like being trapped between Letisha and Berda!
Caught in the middle

Tony and Berda

Derrick and I left Vegas around 1:oo am. There were times my car was the only car on the road, but it was bright enough because the Memorial Weekend crowd was on the other side of the freeway! The traffic that Derrick and I were worred about on the way to Vegas was taking place on the other side of the freeway. At 2:00 am, there was still a steady stream of cars going to Vegas... steady stream!
I dropped off Derrick and I got home a little before 5:00 am. Tallied up, it took 580.2 miles round trip and 22 hours & 48 minutes (from driveway to driveway).

Who wants to try a San Francisco turn-around?


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Jim and I will be in the Bay Area from June 11-13th, that would be a good time for the San Francisco turn-around. We could all meet for dinner somewhere cool?

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