Sunday, May 24, 2009

James' Sunday visitors

James had a great day off physical therapy with a bunch of visitors. David (brother), Suzie (sister-in-law) and Nick (nephew) was with him in the morning. We sat with him as he had his lunch. He is still complaining that hospital food sucks! I don't think it is so much the hospital food but what he is limited to as far as his food is concerned. He is still suffering from Dysphagia, from his stroke, because of this all his foods have to be finely chopped or pureed.
After he had his lunch he got a little restless so we took a little cruise around the hospital. For most of the trip he "walked" himself on the wheelchair but after a while he got a little tired and we helped him a little.
Cruisin' the halls

After he got settled back in his bed and his family left, he got another visitor in Bentley. There is a team of four legged volunteers that work the hospital. Bentley is deaf so he is always looking to his owner for commands. He is a very sedate dog and took to James readily and no Bentley did not think James' pants were "tasty".
Bentley the volunteer dog

Then James got rocked with a ton of visitors! The first ones were Ken and his family. Ken works at Western Digital, the company next to James' in Lake Forrest. Ken had his wife, Michelle, and their daughters Jasmine and Hannah with them. Jasmine and Hannah entertained "Uncle James" with stories and jokes the whole time they were visiting.
Michelle, Ken, Jasmine and Hannah

Soon after, I get a call from the Kathy asking for directions to James' room. After flagging them down in the parking lot...
Kristen, Traci, Kathy and Derrick

The visits were doing James a lot of good as he was in great spirits.
That got a laugh out of him

But being Mr. ADD, it wasn't long before he started answering emails on his Blackberry! Aiyah!
All these visitors and James is on his Blackberry!

With 9 people already in his half of the room, I get another call from Mike and Maria, telling me that they are in the Lobby and they are also looking for his room.
Mike and Maria

After a while the Ken and Michelle left and then the Lais. They had just closed the door when Cherie from James' work came by with her husband, Constant.
Here is James pretending to be asleep when Cherie arrived...
Just as the introductions were made Emily, a friend James had not seen in over 4 years, comes through the door.

By 4:00pm, all his visitors had left and James was totally wiped out! He drifted in and out until his nurse, Michaela came by to get him ready for dinner. She had him changed, cleaned up an on his wheelchair. He had his dinner in the dining room. He was still complaining about the food but he ate more than he did at lunch.

He had a great day off from his physical therapy, not sure if he is going to get tomorrow off too, I doubt it though. They need to work him so he can get back in shape and mobile.


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