Sunday, May 31, 2009

John's Bachelor BBQ

A good friend is getting married in a couple of weeks and tonight was his bachelor party. The party actually started earlier in the day. Seven of them went to Flight Deck, in Anaheim for simulated flight combat. Turns out the real pilot in the group wasn't the best "stick" out there!
The rest of us who couldn't make it caught up with them at John's house for some fun, food and fellowship.


Steve did a great job on the grill!

Of course, with this many guys together fire had to be involved! We kept it sane...

Later on, a Wii with Rock Band was brought in and John was designated singer for most of the songs, until he wanted to give the drums a try.
Rockin' the mike!

Hank and Derrick
Hank, John & Derrick

John's Best Man, Robert had this cake made. The "grapes" were brownies.

Can't wait to witness your wedding John and to help you celebrate!


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