Monday, June 01, 2009

James is out of the hospital

The Release
James was released from the hospital today! He still has a long road ahead of him to recovery but this is still progress! He has regained much control over his left side. He just needs to work on the "fine tuning". He says that the strength is returning as well, though the endurance isn't quite there yet.
James is going to a Rehab House in Orange to help him get the finer control over his left side. David and Andrew (his brothers), Christine (sister on law) and I were at the hospital this morning to see him out. The staff at Mission Hospital were awesome, they had to be, putting up with James and me (a little...). Michaela, his head nurse and Veronica were very nice and if you ever find yourself in their ward/unit, you are in good hands! Michaela processed James' release and wheeled him out to the car.
Nurse Michaela was a great nurse!

James was getting restless and wanted to leave already!
Getting restless

Nurse Veronica
Nurse Veronica

Michaela getting her final shot in! What a big baby!
What a baby!

Wheeling out to the car!
Fresh air!

Finally in the car!

James is now in a rehab facility in Orange. The facility is actually a converted house and is fully equipped to get James well on the road to recovery. His routine there will be just as intense if not more than in the hospital. He will have 6 hours of therapy throughout the day ranging from physical, speech, occupational and some counseling. The staff are very positive and were all set to start his session that same day.
For those who want to visit him leave me a separate comment (I won't publish email addresses) and I will send you the visiting information.

He is anxious to "get back to his routine" and "go for a drive". He knows that he is looking at a lot of hard work in his therapy. He complains that he didn't work out as much when he was healthy!
Here are some pictures from the hospital...
Thank yous go to everyone for their prayers, your visits, words of encouragement and overall good vibes sent.


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