Monday, May 25, 2009

Snubbed by Denver, WWE comes to LA

The WWE was scheduled to have their show at the Pepsi Arena, the Home of the Denver Nuggets tonight but because the Denver Nuggets made it to the playoffs against the Lakers, Denver's Pepsi Center cancelled their booking [story here].
So they took their show to the Staples Center and devoted much of their show making fun of the Denver Nuggets and E. Stanley Kroenke, the Nuggets' owner.
Since the show was scheduled with only 3 days notice, the WWE flooded the area with ticket deals to fill Staples.
I've never been to a WWE show. I remember my uncle being such a fan back in the day and had some of my watch it with him back in Guam. When Celia told me that Blogdowntown was giving away tickets, I tried to win a pair with the following story:

Back in the early 70s my uncle would get a bunch of my cousins together to
watch wrestling on TV. There was a certain "old school pride" when we would name
off some of the wrestlers from those days like Victor Rivera and Man Mountain
Mike to some of the fans of today. Until they say "who?" reminding us how old we
are... ouch!

Anyway, I didn't win the tickets but Celia did and gave them to me. So I called a friend who really enjoyed watching WWE so I asked him to came long. Unfortunately, he couldn't go, so I called Joey, kidding. Joey watches the show with his mother, most times he has to translate some of the cultural differences in vietnamese but she enjoys it, though she says she can do without all the commercials.

The WWE started the show making fun of the owner of the Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Center with an obviously fake E. Stanley Kroenke.
Making fun of the Denver Nuggets owner, E. Stanley Kroenke

Vince McMahon confronts a fake Kroenke

Our seats were not bad. Definitely, not nosebleed seats!
Here is the "Big Show", all 7 feet, 400+ lbs of him stomping on John Cena.
The Big Show stomping on John Cena

The current champion, Randy Orton.
Randy Orton

The Main Event of the evening was the "good guys" in the Laker jerseys versus the "bad guys" in the Nuggets jerseys.

and of course the "good guys/Laker" team won! After the show, we found out that the real Lakers didn't do as well.

After the Main Event, there was a match, an extra one, that isn't shown on the regular broadcast. A sort of extra for coming to see them live. Here a crowd favorite, at least to many of the kids and the women, John Cena is thanking the crowd for coming out to see the show on Memorial Day and on 3 days' notice.
First time watching a WWE event.

After the show Joey and I walked over to the Pantry for a late dinner. Surprisingly, we were seated right away, we were worried that there would be a crowd. After a while more people trickled in from the show. We overheard the waitress talking to a table with some kids, it was obvious that they were at the show with their t-shirt and other souvenirs, she told them that the "Big Show" character (the one wearing jersey 99) was here for breakfast.

"He ordered 2 hamburger steak plates and 12 eggs!!!"

It was a fun show. I'm not sure if I would go to another show but I had fun. I can cross this off my list now.
Again thanks to blogdowntown and my sister Celia for winning the tickets!


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