Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wedding Pictures!

Finally have some pictures from the wedding!

The Best Man
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The Groom
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The Bride's parents
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Bridesmaid (sister), Big Eric and Adam
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Mom and Aunts
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And Finally the Bride!
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The only one in color!

Monday, May 09, 2005


My youngest sister got married Saturday. It was a great wedding and the week of parties and preparations were a lot of fun and hectic. I just have to give "props" for the MAN who planned the whole ceremony, ADAM IS THE MAN! He is the top event planner in the country. Not only did he plan the whole wedding for my sister but he did so while having to organize three other HUGE events including the Revelon Run/Walk event that same day. Anyway, my sisters can better describe how things went so here is Celia's take on things and here it was from Laura's.

The following day the family had a reception of sorts to introduce James to the rest of the family. I think we were expecting people to be a lot hungrier than they were because we had a LOT of food.
I got to spend more time with a cousin that I do not get to see often enough. We were both named after his dad. We used to beat all the "Angel³" jokes to death. This time around we were... "Angel²" ok not so imaginative but if anyone can make it work my cousin can and he did.
As usual, at any family gathering the cousins all sit together at a corner and catch up, gossip, talk about the cousin(s) who couldn't make it and drink. Though this time around the drinking was a little skewed. Some drank more than others and one or two drank more than... well, just drank more!

Yesterday, James got dunked into the pool that is our family. There was no courtesy toe dipping either. He was shoved in the deep end and held down. Laura was feeling a little tired so she went into one of the rooms to lie down for a bit, so James didn't even have a life guard for a while.

So I am really happy for Laura and our family. She got a husband in James and I now have a brother in law!

Monday, May 02, 2005


Once again it is great to be on the "B"-list. Berda scored some tickets to The 21st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival showing Jet Li's new movie "Unleashed". The movie was great, though since I had some high expectations, I sort of set myself up for a small disappointment.

From the previews and reviews (read promos), I was expecting Jet Li to finally show his "stuff" as far as acting is concerned. It is not something one would expect but come on the quality of his co-stars are so much better in this one. Morgan Freeman rocks! Bob Hoskins is no slouch either! So, I was expecting a lot.
The fight scenes WERE spectacular! Then again, you don't go into a Jet Li movie and expect a really suckie fight scene.
[Spoiler warning]

One of the last fight scene with the cliche pajama wearing priest with a machete was INSANE! Closed quarter fighting in a bathroom where a child would not have enough room to stretch out both arms. Yet they were both inflicting serious damage.

I like the story, though I wanted a little more on a few sub-plots.

When this movie comes out on May 13th I would definitely recommend it.