Friday, April 20, 2007

Picnic at the Beach

Tonight the families all got together for a picnic at the beach next to the Hilton. The Hilton puts on a hula show and fireworks afterwards. I remember coming here for a similar picnic a long time ago. I had forgotten how nice a beach it is considering how close it is to the hotel and well... it's Waikiki after all. One thng about the park and its picnic area there are a lot of trees that birds roost at and most of the picnic tables are right under the trees... where the birds roost... You have to be careful where you park yourself, I was going to take a picture of a bird just when it unloaded. I was so surprised that I didn't even think to take the picture but then again who would want that picture...
Here are the families getting situated and getting their food when Minnie spotted a bird getting ready to make a deposit...
Picnic (1)

While people slowly trickled in and setting up the tables, the kids went to the playground.
Picnic (2)

Picnic (3)

Picnic (4)

Picnic (6)

Others wanted to go to the beach.
Picnic (5)

Picnic (8)

Picnic (9)

Celia and Jim
Picnic (7)

For a Friday afternoon, the beach wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be...
Picnic (10)

Picnic (11)

Picnic (12)

Everyone loves a sunset.
Picnic (13)

Picnic (14)

Picnic (15)

After the hula show that the Hilton puts on the fireworks show starts.
Picnic (16)

Picnic (17)

Picnic (18)

Picnic (19)

As soon as the fireworks show ended, 2 performers started a pyrotechnic show of their own for donations.
Picnic (20) Picnic (21) Picnic (22)

After a little more eating and cleaning up we packed it up and called it a night.
Picnic (23)

Picnic (24)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pearl Harbor and Germaine's Luau

Pearl Harbor
Celia, Jim amd I went to Pearl Harbor to visit the Arizona Memorial. I had it in my head to get super early in order to get on the first boat to the memorial in order to get a picture of an empty memorial. But stupid me, got all turned around and we almost didn't make it at all. I was so frazzled that I had ignored the fact that I sold Celia and Jim on the idea and I totally messed it up. We ended up on the 4th boat of the day. I am sure I only gave it a half-hearted, tail between my legs apology. Celia and Jim, I am so sorry.

While waiting for our group's turn...
PearlHarbor (1)

This map showed the sequence of events on the island on that day.
PearlHarbor (2)

PearlHarbor (13)

Then I saw Jim talking to someone, thenposing with him for a picture. Someone you know, Jim?
PearlHarbor (4)

PearlHarbor (6)

PearlHarbor (8)

This was the base of a gun turret.
PearlHarbor (9)

Names of all who died on board.
PearlHarbor (11)

One thing the guide said that stuck in my mind as I was getting on the boat to the memorial. He asked that everyone keep their voices down and to remember that it is a gravesite. It wasn't until I saw this that it really hit me that it was a gravesite.
PearlHarbor (12)

Germaine's Luau
After the visiting the Arizona Memorial, I dropped off Celia and Jim at the Banyan Condo and went back to the house. We had a lot of time before the Luau tonight. So, I got caught up with more souvenir shopping for folks back in Los Angeles.
We got on the bus to the luau at 4:30pm. It was going to be an hour ride (because of traffic) to the luau site. Once there...
GermaineLuau (1)

GermaineLuau (2)

GermaineLuau (3)

GermaineLuau (4)

GermaineLuau (5)

GermaineLuau (6)

For some reason, I brought my smaller camera instead of my Nikon. I'm sure more of the pictures I took would have come out better. As it is, these were the only ones that are worth posting.
It was as I remember it. The show was great, the audience participation was hilarious and the food was good. The drinks were stronger than I remember but then again the main thing I remember from the last time I went to this luau was that I got into a fight with my cousin's uncle... Ok, maybe the drinks were stronger then...

Karaoke Nights

Celia and Jim brought their karaoke microphone and it was really put to use! I think there were a couple of Karaoke Nights at the house and one visit to a dive karaoke bar. There were a lot of laughs all those nights.
Karaoke (1)

Interpretive dancing and karaoke
Karaoke (2)

Karaoke (3)

Karaoke (4)

Looking for a song
Karaoke (5)

Karaoke (6)

Karaoke (7)

Auntie Aida
Karaoke (8)

Found a song and got the score
Karaoke (10)

Karaoke (11)

Brothers duet
Karaoke (18)

One night we took it to a local dive of a karaoke bar. Somehow, when Celia and Angel go out a beacon goes off attracting a certain group... That's all I'll say about that...
Cousin Lupe singing
Karaoke (19)