Thursday, December 25, 2003

Had a nice quiet Christmas day with the family. The family had started eating around 1:00 pm. It was raining all day, so we all just sat around eating and watching whatever was on TV. My sister made this incredible lemon/lime cake that pretty much got swallowed up. Stephanie came over after she stopped by her grandfather's for a spell. Me, my parents, my sisters, even Aurora are still trying to convince Stephanie to go to the family Christmas party Saturday. I mean what is the use of being "adopted" into the family if you don't take advantage of the perks? Like the food-fests we have when we all get together. Stephanie says she has to work...hmmmmmm. Oh well.
Elen has got a bunch of the gang to go out tonight for a surprise birthday dinner for Ian. He had the "what the heck are you guys doing here?" look when he saw us at the table. So, good job Elen! Luis was there with his new girlfriend and I think she got sort of initiated into the group. She might have gotten a little too much information about Luis and well, the group in too short a time. I hope she didn't overdose on us.

Turned out to be a pretty good Christmas after all. Spent the day with family and friends. Time spent was time well spent and I guess that's more than most people get. I have so much to be grateful for this past year. I have my family, who are the greatest! I have friends that continually remind me by their actions, their words and their caring of their friendship. I am especially grateful of the fact that I am aware of such things and that I do not take them for granted. Is this when the Auld Lang Syne music come on? I should stop, the "End of the Year" reflections and thank you's should wait until New Year's Eve.

Song of the Day: "Hold Me" by Kirk Franklin

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