Wednesday, December 24, 2003

It's Christmas eve and what do I have planned for today? Laundry, cleaning the house ... Morning went pretty blah. Then around 1 pm, I had to go out to get a few forgotten things. Then the list got a little longer. Actually ended up at the mall. The people! The noise! The crying children! The traffic! There were people so wrapped up into THEIR shopping, THEIR gifts, THEIR holidays that the common courtesy they usually practice during the year went out the window. People used up all the patience they were allotted for the year and there is none left for the last days of the year.
Then it happens. I was taking a break at a bench in the mall, sitting next to a man. He wasn't mad or angry, at least he didn't seem to be, but he just kept talking about how the kids these days are so rude, no manners and that they are all either gang members or just a bunch of wild "hooligans". To stress his point, he points out a couple of guys walking towards us. They were doing some last minute shopping and having a good time about it, when a stroller a lady was pushing across the way lost a wheel, probably because not only did she have a kid in it, but every single thing she bought that day. These guys turned around and started giving this lady a hand. Last I saw they had all her stuff and kid in tow and helping her out the mall. I assumed they were helping her to her car. As I was leaving I saw them headed back in the mall.
Now I am officially in the Christmas spirit. It's about time too. I was getting worried. Going to my god-daughter's for the family Christmas gathering. Not going to be cool if not into the spirit of things. So that's that! Christmas is finally here.

Song of the Day: "I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins

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