Saturday, April 17, 2004

Bad Pastrami

Have you ever gone to a store, a restaurant or any event or venue because of strong recommendations from some one you know? And once going, you were utterly disappointed? And question ever asking that person or persons' opinion ever again?
Today, everyone sort of split up and did their own thing here and there. Some went and gave the slopes a shot, others stayed in and still others went shopping. When dinner time came around (actually everyone eats whenever they are hungry, meal times only apply when the whole group eats together or buffet time - which is when the whole groups eats together). Tonight, we were all pretty buffet-ed out. We were told of a deli here in Tahoe and some of us were sort of excited to eat at a place where there wasn't a seemingly endless supply of food (c'mon, even excess gets boring). Anyway, this place was supposed to have incredible pastrami sandwiches...
What a disappointment! I would usually chalk it up to a bad day if it only happened to me, but the whole group were in agreement - "two thumbs down" So, if you ever find yourself in South Lake Tahoe... Stay away from the deli at the Timberland Lodge plaza. Go to Quizno's instead they can definitely do a better job.

Benny and Lori goes back to Los Angeles today. Too bad they could not stay until Sunday, but it sure was a lot of fun having them up here this year. I hope they can start coming up every year.

Song of the Day: "Daydream Believer" by Shonen Knife


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