Sunday, April 15, 2007

The wedding

Once we got back from the Waimea Canyon with plenty of time to rest a little and get ready. It was a perfect day for a wedding.
Maria's dad escorting her down the aisle.
Wedding (7)

A beautiful day.
Wedding (9)

The ceremony.
Wedding (11)

Wedding (12)

The kiss
Wedding (15)

Mr. and Mrs. Schaeffer
Wedding (17)

Afterwards it was nothing but the party...
Wedding (32)

Wedding (33)

Wedding (36)

Wedding (37)

No idea how this started...
Wedding (39)

Wedding (41)

Wedding (42)

Wedding (43)

Cousin Angel
Wedding (44)

Even Iliana got into the dancing mood.
Wedding (45)

When I was getting ready to take the picture Angel was nowhere in sight!
Wedding (47)

It was a great party. Have to give props to Ron the bartender who more than kept up with our table...
From Jim's Camera
Thanks for the picture Jim.


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