Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Island Culinary Safari

Today we (mom, cousin Angel, Celia and me) took Jim on a culinary sight-seeing tour of Oahu. It was a bit overcast and drizzly, but it was early and we were sure it would blow off later in the day. The first stop was Zippy's before Hanauma Bay. This was what it looked like from Zippy's at Hawaii Kai.

Unfortunately, Hanauma Bay was closed today. Apparently, the one day during the week they are closed is the day we all decided to do this. Oh well, next stop the blowhole.

I don't remember this sign the last time I was here.
islandtrip (1)

I remember going out to the rock table to the left.
islandtrip (2)

The blowhole with Celia and Jim.
islandtrip (6)

Jim, Celia and Angel
islandtrip (7)

We had to stop at the Mormon Temple because some people needed to use the restroom but I'll let Celia tell that story... I stayed in the car.

One of the things on Celia's list of things to do was to stop at one of the many shrimp trucks by the side of the road by the shrimp farms.
islandtrip (9)

With a truck like this calling you, how can you not stop? We all shared 2plates of GARLIC shrimp! Very good!
islandtrip (10)

Celia was saying that every time we stopped to eat it would stop raining, sooo.... Next stop: Ted's Pies!!!! Sure enough, as soon as we were almost done with all the different pie wedges we were sharing, it started to rain again!
islandtrip (13)

We made a stop at Matsumoto's. I didn't have any room for shaved ice but we made Jim have one because he has never been. We also did a little souvenir shopping.
We just barely made it to the Dole Pineapple Plantation before they closed. Another 15 minutes and we would have had to make another trip for another day...
islandtrip (14)

islandtrip (15)

islandtrip (16)

We had to hurry and get back to the house for dinner. It was Nicky's birthday and Julie had planned little family get-together party. Nicky is hilarious. Everytime he sees me pointing the camera at him he puts on his camera face! I tell him that I can never take a normal picture of him because of it. So I ended up trying to get a normal shot of him whenever he's not looking.
islandtrip (17)

American Idol fans
Everyone at the house is hooked on 2 shows: Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Tonight it was American Idol. Everyone dropped everything and took their places when the show started.
islandtrip (18)

islandtrip (19)

Nicky's Birthday Party
Once the show was over, Nicky's birthday party re-started. There was cake, presents and more funny faces.
islandtrip (21)

Cash is always good.
islandtrip (23)

Look at shirt from Matsumoto's!
islandtrip (30)

and another! Can you tell where all the uncles and aunts went today?
islandtrip (33)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time with the family. Great photos of Hawaii. I'm hooked on those two shows too, I almost used a whole box of tissues watching that American Idol Gives Back show.


11:52 AM  

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