Monday, April 16, 2007

First day back at Oahu

The first thing we wanted to do our first day back in Oahu, since there really was no time to do so when we first arrived, was to visit Laura. I went down to pick up Celia and Jim at the Banyan and brought them back to the house to pick up mom, dad and cousin Angel.
April 16 (1)

April 16 (3)

I am always awed by how beautiful the view is from her gravesite. I think it was one of the reasons she wanted to be buried there with our grandparents and Uncle Angel.

Pali Lookout
Going back to the house, we stopped by Pali Lookout. Jim's never been and we later found out that mom has never been there either. It was very windy there today.

April 16 (5)

April 16 (6)

April 16 (8)

Hold on to your hat Jim!
April 16 (9)

Very windy!
April 16 (10)


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