Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Christmas

I love it when the family all gets together, moreso for Christmas. This year, Joel and Kim's family couldn't join us, so we had to make up for the lowered "Kids quotient". As usual there was a ton of food.
New to join us this year is Rolly's and Johana's new daughter, Julia. She was here at Thanksgiving and she was just as if not more cheery today. Of course, there was the "It's my turn to hold her" shuffle. I remember Julia's older sister, Jasmine being just as cheery when she was a baby. However they do it, Rolly and Johana raise very happy babies.
Andrew, Aurora and Julia
Christmas (1)

Can you find the person whose name isn't James in the picture?
Christmas (2)

Baby Julia
Christmas (3)

Aurora, mom and Julia
Christmas (6)

Johana, Julia and dad
Christmas (4)

Christmas (5)

Christmas (9)

Celia is handing out the presents while Aurora and Julia watch.
Christmas (7)

Jim dressed as a present.
Christmas (8)

This year's Christmas even though it was pretty low-keyed, was extremely enjoyable.


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