Saturday, December 15, 2007

The third Saturday and La Jolla Shores

The Third Saturday

Still looking around for Christmas decorations every Saturday. Today, James came along, in fact he suggested today's direction, south.
I've been a little disappointed at the quality of the decorations this year and today the lack of it, especially in the Coast Highway stretch at Carlsbad. There were not a lot of Christmas decorations on any of the store fronts and the little that I did see were the banners put up by the city at each light pole.
Third Saturday (1)

Third Saturday (2)

Third Saturday (3)

This doesn't even count.
Third Saturday (4)

In Encinitas there was a cheery welcome but that was pretty much it.
Third Saturday (5)

On the way back, I saw this. Not only does this Christmas tree lot deliver but they deliver for free.
Third Saturday (6)

That was pretty much it. I figure I have one more Saturday before Christmas. If anyone knowof any place with some killer Christmas decorations let me know.

La Jolla Shores
James and I have also been going on these "let's go somewhere and shoot some pictures" trips. I think we choose places that require a drive also just to go somewhere. Today, he said that we should check out La Jolla Shores... ok.

Hope they got all the bikes out before the building went up in flames.
Photo Day (2)

Photo Day (6)

I've seen the DIY carwash, but this? Couldn't you just bathe your pet at home?
Photo Day (4)

This sign was so new that the cameras weren't even installed yet.
Photo Day (5)

It was a nice drive.
Photo Day (7)

When I saw this I was wondering if Darren was still in school.
Photo Day (8)

Then we finally got to La Jolla Shores and again, it was a beautiful day!
Photo Day (13)

Photo Day (14)

Photo Day (16)

This guy buzzed me!
Photo Day (17)

There has been a bit of controversy down here for a while now. The city in under a state court order to maintain the beach as a facility for humans and to remove the build up of sand at the western end that has built up over the years and become a place where seals have called it home. The thing is that these seals are under protection of a Federal law and that the National Marine Fisheries Service asked the City of San Diego to take steps to keep people away from the herd of harbor seals during their calving season. The NMFS says that federal law mandates that the city prevent swimmers at the beach from annoying or distracting the protected seals.

Photo Day (19)

Photo Day (20)

Photo Day (21)

Photo Day (23)

James wanted to take a closer look.
Photo Day (24)

Photo Day (25)

Unfortunately, a large wave took everyone on the observation walkway out.
Photo Day (27)

Angie Lee of Channel 8, San Diego News was out interviewing people on the beach. She was looking for people who were for the City getting rid of the seals and opening up the pool again to humans. Everyone she had interviewed were all for the seals.
Photo Day (28)

How can anyone be against these guys?
Photo Day (29)

I hope th seals are left alone. It's not like there wasn't a shortage of beaches. I'm sure building another protected (and more modern) pool will take a fraction of all the time, energy and money being expended to argue both sides.
Photo Day (30)

Today was a good day.


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