Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of the year beach walk

This past year I've been trying to lose a ton of weight. I thought that if I did not make it a resolution, I would succeed because there would be no anxety from the "pressure" I would put on myself... what a load!
Well, a little too late (for this year)! So, I've been gearing up for the coming year and getting myself to make time to add some form of exercise in my "not so routine" routine. I've taken to taking more walks. I've been bringing my camera along as an added "fun" factor.
This morning, Bradley and I went down to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. We started at the Marina Green Park and went down to Belmont Shores. Unfortunately, the sun decided to take the day off and it was overcast the entire time we were down there.

BeachWalk (1)

There were a handful of people on the beach.
BeachWalk (2)

BeachWalk (9)

BeachWalk (11)

There are a lot of things that you can't do on the beach but apparently driving a truck isn't one of them.
BeachWalk (4)

Even though, I did not see anyone in the water (the freezing water!), these guys were still working... you never know!
BeachWalk (5)

There were a couple of boats out.
BeachWalk (6)

and a barge or two.
BeachWalk (3)

There was one guy campaigning for Ron Paul. The guy had a dolley and he was writing Ron Paul's name up on the sand facing the apartments and the condos.
BeachWalk (12)

Coin Purgatory

There was this to look at the whole time we were down there...
BeachWalk (10)


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