Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project: Bananas No More

Part One: Remove Banana Trees - check
Two weeks (3 hours a day), half a bottle of Motrin and a tube of Icy Hot! That what it took to uproot 18 banana trees (saplings to full on trees) pushing on the wall threatening to knock it down! This morning, the largest clump of roots came out. Now I have to break up the pieces for the dump.
Banana trees

Part Two: Rebuild
The banana trees were pushing against the wall shared by the neighbor to the left. I didn't really see how bad it was until I removed the last huge clump of roots. I was using the wall as leverage to pull out the roots when I saw the wall move!
I am going to have to disassemble the wall and rebuild it. Looking at the parts that are exposed, I see that it is hollow and has no reinforcement.

Shopping list:
  1. Cement
  2. rebars
  3. time
  4. a book on how to build a brick wall

Maybe I don't need the last one but I will definitely need the third one.


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