Thursday, May 14, 2009

Road to Recovery

Morning Visit
This morning Berda and I went to the hospital to visit James. Linda, the nurse in charge, was the same nurse I had met last Friday. She told us that James is doing much better and he has been able to stay awake longer. He is still trying to make sense of it all. He tries to speak but can only manage a few words and mumbles the rest. His mind is still trying to regain control of his body. He was doing well with names but trails off soon afterwards in his speech. At times you can see the exasperation in his face. Assurances that it will all come together in time will help keep his anxiety level down.
As we were leaving one of James' oldest friend from college, Wendy and her husband came by to sit with James a while. They were with James for a few minutes.
James had a few of his co-workers show up, unfortunately they were not able to go in to see him. Linda felt that James was being overwhelmed with the visits at that point. So Linda asked them to come back another day, suggesting that Saturday would be a much better day for James to take in more visitors.

Evening visit
Around 6:00pm, I went back to the hospital with Stephanie. James' brothers, Michael and David and David's wife Suzie were aleady there. James had just come back from an MRI. They told us that James was very responsive though he was still having a hard time speaking. The nurse allowed all of us to come in all at once as James was more awake. We spent the time letting him know of all the well wishes and prayers being sent. I passed on all the messages from everyone minus the "give him a big hug from me". Sorry folks you are going to have to deliver those yourselves!

Hospital Staff Request
The staff is asking everyone to hold off on their visits until Saturday. They feel that James should be at the stage that he will be stronger for more visitors. They also ask to call first so they know who and how many people to expect during the day. That way they will be able to let you know if conditions were to change that would prevent him from receiving visitors.
The direct line to the SICU is 949-365-2173.

James has lost some weight. We told him that in order to gain it back we will have to schedule a bunch of buffet trips and BBQs to which he gave a thumbs up!
James' family wants to thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes for James. They appreciate all the messages sent and so will James when he reads them. Keep them coming as it is a great source of encouragement to James to spark him on to the road to recovery!


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