Monday, May 11, 2009

More on James

For those of you who joined the "Praying for James" group on Facebook, thank you very much. The show of support and love you have all shown is greatly appreciated by his family. If you have the chance leave a message or a comment here or on the group. Comment if you went to visit him in the hospital to let people know. No matter how trivial you may think it is, the rest of us who can't visit him are starved for any and all information.
Caring Bridge
That also goes to the other sources of information such as the Caring Bridge Journal that James' brother, with help from the hospital, updates periodically. There will be a list of links for most information on James' condition at the end of this post. The family had left the site open, so no registration is required to get to the site or to leave a message or prayer.
Women's Group of OC
The Women's group that meets at Donna Quon's house on Mondays took time to visit James earlier this afternoon. The group (Berda, Donna, Grace, Kathy, and Lori) was able to see him and pray over him two at a time. According to Brian, the head nurse, they slowed down James' body warming process. There were some numbers they did not feel comfortable with and decided to slow it down even more. Otherwise, there isn't much change in his condition. Once James' temperature gets back to normal, the procedure to wean him off the medications will continue (that takes longer).
Even though James is still in a coma, his family encourages James' friends to visit. Just know that the visits are controlled by the nursing staff for the benefit of James' health. Until then, please your prayers coming!

Thank you!

List of sources:
  1. Caring bridge Journal for James
  2. This website (I will update often)
  3. My emails - If you are not on the list to receive them, let me know to what email you want them sent. Leave a comment on this blog, I won't publish the email address.
  4. Praying for James Group (in Facebook)

If there are other sources that you know of or want to add, let me know and I will add it to the list. I place everyone's email address under the blind copy for their privacy, that's why you only see yours and mine.


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