Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Rachel

It was Rachel's (my favorite gymnast) birthday yesterday. I wanted to do something special for her birthday, so I took her a friend of her choice to Disneyland (ok, it was a treat for me too). It's been a while since she's been...
She chose her "favorite cousin" Kristen, to come along.

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (1)
On the TRAM, not train Kristen...

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (3)
Star Tours

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (6)
She was nervous about the Haunted Mansion.

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (7)
But she rode it twice!

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (11)
I finally got my license!!!

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (13)
Everybody bumps!

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (15)

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (16)
With Aunt Stephanie.

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (17)

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (18)

Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (20)Rachel's Disneyland Birthday (19)
Getting soaked at Splash Mountain!

Then Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain, Fireworks and Guppies...

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I have never spent any amount of time in Vancouver. I had passed through it with friends from another trip a while back on our way to Whistler. We only stopped long enough to drive through part of downtown and have sushi at a restaurant on Robson Street. So we drove around and walked a bit...

Art Museum
The Art Museum
Hastings Street
Hastings Street
218 flavors of gelato
218 flavors of gelato
I tried 3 of the weirdest sounding flavors I found and 3 for 3 in finding the nastiest flavors.
  1. Chocolate Chili
  2. Spicy Mango
  3. Curry

I ended up with Jackfruit.

Jessica took us out and showed us around the last couple of days. She has been a great guide. We went to a jazz club/restaurant in Yaletown called Capone's. The music, ambiance and the food was just excellent.

Vancouver (4)
Amy, me, Jessica and Celia
Hey Jim, thanks for taking the picture.

Friday, June 16, 2006


My parents and an Uncle and Aunt went on an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle. Celia and I thought it would be great to meet their ship and tour around Vancouver. We headed out to Vancouver two days earlier with her fiancee Jim. We stopped to visit our cousin Lupe in Seattle before continuing on to Vancouver.


On alert


It was great seeing Lupe again. Unfortunately, she had to go to work so our visit was not as long as we'd like it to have been. So we went to Pike's Market for a late lunch and some sights.

Corner of Pike and Pike

Farmer's Market

No fish being thrown around today. Though there was some singing/chanting.

Fish Market

Of course I was going to go here. What did you think I was going on a pilgrimage and not go to the temple? Jim pointed out that only at the original Starbuck's does the logo have breasts. What I'd like to know is where does one go to find pieces of trivia like that?

Number 1 Starbucks

I know that Celia has a better photo of this street corner (I parked the car so she could get out). I wonder how many other 5th and Spring corners are there ?

5th and Spring

Now on to Vancouver...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Disneyland in June

Ok, I finally got my own Disneyland Premium Pass. I've been holding off getting one for the longest time. My sister and her fiancee, Jim, has had theirs for a while and they really use it, for all I know they may have already gotten their $$ back from all the times they have used it. If not they will soon. I have been holding off getting my own, only because I don't have many people I can drag out to Disneyland on a REGULAR basis to make the pass worth getting.

I find out that a few cousins also have passes! I also made a deal with my god daughter, I will get her a Premium Pass of her own if she agrees to go with me once a month. Let's just say it didn't take her long to decide. No, really... she's having fun... really.

My cousin and his family are visiting from Hawaii and another cousin has the afternoon off from work, Celia and Jim was also able to go in the afternoon... so...

My cousin and family in front of the castle.

Celia and Jim coming out of the Tiki Room. Waiting for the Electric Light Parade.
Electrical Parade
Here's a video of the parade. Turn down your speaker volume a little bit. It is a bit loud...

So who wants to go to Disneyland?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family Get - Togethers

I love it whenever the family gets together for whatever reason. It is always a lot of fun. Today we all got together at my cousin's in Torrance. There was a birthday, an anniversary and family from out of town.

We had the next generation...
soon to be part of the family (actually already there, but for one last thing). Grandma needs to visit from Guam more often.
There is always entertainment...
in one form or another...
and food
and lots of laughs!
I love my family.