Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Drink with a View

I was having dinner at Jim and Celia's when I saw this out the window...
Three girls on top of the Rosslyn neon sign

They were on top of the neon sign on the right...
May 12, 2007

Another angle, though just the corner of the sign. It is the one on the right.
Walkabouts (3)

Nice view for a drink but the climb is a bitch.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blasts from the Past!!

When I graduated from high school, many many many long years ago, I did not stay in touch with many people. Even though our yearbooks were filled with "K.I.T." and other promises of "Let's keep in touch!" All in all, I've kept in touch (more or less) with my buddy Eugene through the years and when I was working at Cerritos College, I bumped into another friend from a different class, Diana. Otherwise, I've not seen or heard from anyone else.
I missed both my high school reunions (10 year and the 20 year). Besides, there were only a handful of people I would have liked to have seen and half of them were in the classes ahead of mine. Last year, I had an opportunity to see some of those people with a small get-together. It was not about class years but organization, namely the music department (bands and choir). Unfortunately, the reunion was scheduled when a cousin was getting married in Kauai so I missed it.
This past Saturday, another reunion was scheduled and guess what? I've another wedding to go to at the very same time! This can't be happening! Luckily, I was able to have lunch with a few friends before the reunion and the wedding.
Luckily, there was a smaller get-together at Wilderness Park in Downey on Sunday that I was able to attend. It was mind-blowing seeing old friends. If I were to count all the people I considered friends in high school with my fingers, I would still have a few left over. They were not all present but those who were there brought up memories and a little regret for having lost touch with them all those years. I made promises of keeping in touch and I mean to keep that promise this time.

Tina and Jenifer re-creating a photo from high school.
Tina and Jenifer

A little older and a little wiser...
Eugene, Jenifer, Tina. Rick and Carolyn

With Eugene

With Jenifer

With Carolyn

With Tina

Rick and Eugene
With Rick and Eugene

The reason for the reunion: Mr. Talenfeld, our music director and his wife.
The T's

Dale and Cindy with the Talenfelds
Dave, Mr. T., Cindy and Mrs. T

I am so glad to have re-connected with my old friends. They were a big part of a crazy time of my life and they joined in the insanity, made it fun or brought a little reality in the mix what ever the situation required. I am glad they are doing well.

52 Weeks of Music: Week 30
New Shoes by Paolo Nutini
Shoes by Jesse James

"Oh hey, I put some new shoes on
And suddenly everything is right
I said
Hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes Everywhere!

On the way to Helena and Garen's wedding reception we came across a filming in downtown. We did not know what the shoot was about but it involved a lot of shoes!


More shoes!

No matches!

Thing was, I don't think there was a matched pair. If you come across a movie, TV show, commercial, music video, etc... If it looked anything like this let me know. I would like to know what this was all about.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bolsa Chica Wetlands revisited

I read in the newspaper that the Bolsa Chica Wetlands was once again thriving. A tidal inlet was reconnected to the wetlands and since then all types of sea life has been finding itself in the wetlands, attracting all types of birds, some endangered.
Last time I went to the wetlands, I thought there were a good number of wildlife present. I didn't realize until the other day how many there should be!

This guy was enjoying the papparazzi attention who were kept at a good distance.

I got lucky with this photo. This guy "buzzed" me pretty close.
in flight

This is the main trail as soon as you cross the bridge from the parking lot off Pacific Coast Highway. On the other side of the fence is a nesting area.
nesting ares

The other half were flying back an forth bringing fish from the other side of the wetlands. It was non-stop. There were so many birds it was almost deafening.

The birds watcher and photographers were kept at a good distance.
bird watchers

There was a feeding frenzy here. The birds were diving into the water, coming away with a fish in its mouth and headed back to the nesting area.

This pelican was also getting in on the action.

This was one group of many photographers there that afternoon. Talk about lens envy! I felt so "inadequate" with my tiny... lens.

Another trail.

I decided to stay for the sunset. It is a good thing I had my tripod with me. If you looked at the larger version of this photo, you can see the oil platforms to the left of the building on the beach.

Bridge back to the parking lot.

Monday, July 21, 2008

52 Weeks of Music: Week 29

Peggy Sue by Blink-182
Peggy Sue by Blink-182

"You say you want to take off your shoes just to
Walk barefoot down the street
Just to be the things that you can be
Just live for one more week"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My photo is in a museum

I was asked by the Flickr group, Water: A California Story, to add one of my photos to their group's photo pool 3 months ago. It wasn't one of my better photos (I like to think that I've been improving) but it was pretty nice to be asked so I added it. Then 6 weeks ago, I got received this message,
"Congratulations! Your photo has been selected to be on view in the Water: A
California Story exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum."

With an invitation to see the digital display and the rest of the Water Exhibit at a preview on July 18. Since it was a digital display I wasn't really expecting much, maybe a kiosk with a monitor and the photos cycling in. But still, in the back of my (swelling) head, I was thinking, "A photo I took is in a major museum! Cool!" So Friday afternoon I headed down to see what this was all about.
The drive down. I've always liked the way they put these freeway lights.
Freeway light posts

In front of the Natural History Museum there is the Casa Del Prado Theater. It has this awesome bas relief in the front over the main entrance.

The San Diego Natural History Museum.
San Diego Natural History Museum

Sure enough it was in an alcove just before the entrance to the California Waterways Exhibit room. There was a few plaques that explained where the photo collection came from and instructions on how to view all the photos online.
viewing alcove

They also had an awesome dinosaur exhibit. This was cool so I though I would throw it in.

The museum had a few booths in the main lobby with a lot of information on California waterways. The museum itself had a few other exhibits, unfortunately, I was not able to see it all as I got there fairly late and they were closing.
In case you couldn't see it in the photo of the alcove, this was the photo they chose. Like I said it isn't one of my better ones.
GrunionHunting (5)

Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been on a sunsets mood lately. I used to take time out to watch the sun set but things have been a bit hectic and I haven't been able to for a long while.

This one is actually made up of two shots. This was from the Santa Monica Pier.
Sunset pan from Santa Monica Pier

This is also from the pier but a little tighter shot. I like how the silhouette of the antennas over the Malibu Hills came out.
Over Malibu

This one is from the Redondo Beach Pier.

I need to take time out like these more often.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

52 Weeks of Music: Week 28

Gold in the Sunset by Bob Schneider

The Sunset by Sash!

"all the gold in the sunset all the diamonds on the sea
all the gold in the sunsets all ill ever need
all the gold in the sunset all the diamonds in the sea
it’s all we need to set ourselves free"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Joint Aspiration

So my ankle has been bothering me quite a bit lately. I've been limping along th whole weekend. I figure that I sprained something and that as busy as I've been lately (hahaha, lately...) Ijust have not been giving it enough time to heal. This morning, it was the worst it has ever been. It was so bad that I did not have any mobility in my ankle and that no position did not include pain... and I MEAN PAIN!
I thought, "ok, Ithink it is time to go to the hospital with this thing." Discomfort is one thing...

At the emergency room, I told the admitting nurse that I may have sprained it real bad and that I could not move it. So she had ordered a bunch of X-Rays to be taken.

Once a doctor took a look at the ankle, he said that it is pretty swollen. He suggested a joint aspiration to test for Gout and to evacuate the joint of some fluids. The word Gout didn't even register, all I heard was "evacuate the joint of fluids". I know that was going to involve a needle and more than likely a big one.
I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain but if a needle is involved I am as some people put it, "A BIG BABY!"

So the doctor had the nurse prepare an aspiration kit and it was not looking good!

Still conscious
Yes, that's my foot on top of all that.

The doctor said he has never taken so much liquid out of an ankle before. I wasn't sure it that was an accomplishment or how messed up my foot was, do I get the prize or him?

Aspiration kit
The kit.

all done

Surprisingly enough, I was still conscious here. Then they gave me something called Dilandit for the pain (like they couldn't give it to me before!?). After that I was really loopy. That Dilandit stuff was really tripping me out.
Somehow, I was discharged and when I got home I was out like a light! What day is it anyway?

Monday, July 07, 2008

52 Weeks of Music: Week 27

Speed by Billy Idol

Speed by Billy Idol

Give me what I need
Yeah White lightning
Let's speed, on speed
On wheels, on wheels

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Traci's Graduation Party

Traci just graduated from high school! Kristen (sister) and Allison (cousin) threw her a party. It was great seeing some friends I don't see often enough and making some new ones. Traci had family visiting from Bakersfield, Tucson and Boston.
I'm very proud of you Traci! Good luck at UC Riverside!

"I Graduated!!!"
I graduated Uncle Angel!!

The hostesses
Kristen and Allison: The Hostesses

Vernie and Carla
Vernie and Carla. I don't see them enough.

Rachel, Sammi and Timmy

All mine!!!


Traci and John
Traci and John

Elen, Kristen, Carla, Allison and Traci

Elen, Traci, Rachel and Carla

I heard the party lasted more than 12 hours!