Friday, August 26, 2005

Blood Drive

My family and I would like to thank everyone who came to the blood drive for Laura. Thank you to all the donors, volunteers from Kaiser, everyone who came to help, strangers and most especially to Ali and Adam for organizing the whole thing.
My family and I cannot thank all of you enough for your kindness and love. You have all been a great source of strength.
I am told that some people were not able to donate. If you are still of the mind to donate, it is not too late. You can still contact Kaiser to make an appointment. Please mention Ali Mazarei and Laura so that Laura gets credit for your donation:

Mariliz B. Triggs
Blood and Platelet Program Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
Blood Donor Center
Tie Line 363-7069 or (323) 783-7069
Cell (323) 868-1870
Pager (323) 341-1799
Email: Mariliz.E.Triggs(at)
I would also like to personally thank my brothers and sisters from Cornerstone. You have been a great source of comfort. I thank you so much for the love you have given.
Berda, Daniel, Grace, Hank, James, Joe, Kathy, Steve, Thad and Will thank you for making the trip to LA.
View from the street:
Waiting in line.
Picture of calm.
Relax, the needle isn't even in yet...
"just one pint... right?"
For some it was no problem...
For others... well...
Ain't no thing!
James wanted to give blood...
But he kind'a got sidetracked...
View from the roof...
Showing off their colored bands.
Once again Thank you everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Too many scenarios... all bad

I was at a Borders last night when I noticed that I had missed a call from my mom's cell. I called and my dad answers, I only mention that because he never uses a cell phone due to his pacemaker. He said that Laura, who had to go into the hospital because of a lung infection has to undergo a "procedure" and I should get a hold of my sister Celia and to come to the hospital. I called Celia and told her I was on my way to pick her up and took off for the hospital...

So without anymore information because as usual my mom turned off her cell phone, I take off for the hospital...

So I'm driving...

I'm thinking the worst...

Has Laura's cancer gotten worse?

and I'm driving a little faster...

Will I get to the hospital in time for whatever?

so I start driving even faster...

"Angel, stop making things up in your head!"

Did I just pass a CHP?

I called my brother in law, James, he would know what was happening... voicemail (DAMN).

it wasn't a CHP...driving faster...

getting into downtown and the phone rings...

James tells me Laura developed an embolism in her lung and that the doctors were going to perform some procedure that Laura was considering not to have done. James convinced her that she had to have this procedure done. The procedure took 45 minutes and she was awake for the whole thing. It only required local anesthesia.

She was brought back to her room and we all sat with her for a while. She was aware but very tired. We all were... They say she should be able to go back home today.
From now on, the only news I will be taking on Laura's condition will come from James, Celia and everyone who is not dad. It is too much on me.. oh and the car.

Monday, August 22, 2005

You don't need a camera phone!

I was teasing my mom about her having a cell phone the other day. It started off when she said she wanted a new cellphone with a "camera". I told her why doesn't she just get a camera? She hardly uses her phone anyway. Nobody can call her on it because she keeps it off unless she needs or wants to make a call. Every time anyone tries to call her, it goes directly to voicemail and that's no good because she never figured out how to retrieve her voice messages.
I was looking at the Motorola Razor phone online. When she saw the picture and saw how small it was... She WANTED one! *groan* This is a phone that will never be used to its potential... Nokia has an even smaller one in their 7280. I'm not showing her that one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blood Drive for Laura

Hey Everybody!!
An amazing friend of the family and Laura's Man of Honor at her wedding, Ali, has organized a blood drive to help Laura through any transfusions she may need because of her chemotherapy. The drive will be August 26th at the home of another amazing friend, Adam. All information needed is in the announcement Ali put together.Thank you very much for all your prayers and support.

Calling on all friends! Calling on all friends!
I need your help....Are you ready to party and have a great time....No, it's not another divorce party (although I had great time at the last one). This one is special...I am even throwing in your first pint of Spaten Lager FREE....Yes...FREE BEER...Of course, there's one tiny CATCH. I need your blood. On Friday, August 26th I will be hosting a Blood Drive on behalf of my friend, and beloved Cole's regular, Laura. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and can use our extra pints. (To read more about Laura and her current situation, please visit her blog at My friends from Kaiser will be drawing your blood at the penthouse of my friend, Adam (home of the best views in LA). The Blood Drive will beheld from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. on August 26th. I need 50 people to set this up, so email me or call me to setup an appointment ASAP -- appointments can be at the top of each hour to cut down your wait. The drive will start by appointment at 11 a.m. and continue until all the people signed up are done.....Call or Email (714-715-1685, The goal is 200 people. All donors will receive a thank you gift bag which includes a Mega Millions Lotto Ticket, and a gift certificate for a free pint of Spaten from Cole's during the after-party. That night, (August 26th) I'm hosting a party for all our friends and donors at Cole's (you don't have to donate to come but you better). One of the best local bands in town -- I See Hawks in LA -- will be playing in the back room. The free beer will be flowing, and we'll all compare Band-Aids. Help Laura, Get Free Beer, Listen to the can't do better on a Friday. Call me and set the appointment.

Ali Blood Drive Location:
Adam's Penthouse
533 South Los Angeles Street
Between 5th Street & 6th Street
7th floor

Laura Blog Address:

Cole's P.E. Buffet
118 East 6th Street
Between Main Street & Los Angeles

Ali: 714-715-1685

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Not Like Last Year

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Unlike last year, I am staying in town. I don't know if I got "it" out of my system, gas is getting too expensive (nah) or just plain tired but I didn't do the "get in the car and just drive over the next hill" thing.
This year's birthday was more sedate. I went to church. Some friends took me out to lunch. Thank you Brian, Tiffany, Wil, Steve, Stephanie and Joe! Went home for a while then hung out with my sisters. Had a late dinner with Celia One of the best italian restaurants in Little Tokyo. hahaha what a disclaimer huh? Actually, I wish I can remember the name of the restaurant (old age). It was very good. I'm not particularly fond of pizzas and even less of non-meat pizzas. We had a four cheese pizza and it was awesome! Actually the owner came by and grated some fresh parmesan cheese on it making it a five cheese pizza.
Hey Celia, if you are reading this can you put the name of the restaurant in the comments? thanks.
Then I went home and went to bed before 12.

Exciting huh?
Thing is, I thought it was a great day.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Moving Day

Today Tony was taking the first and biggest load of his and Letisha's stuff to Vegas. I got there a little late and they were already way on their way to loading the truck. Steve, Enrique, John, James and Tony were already at it. Then Carla arrived and dove right in and started picking up boxes left and right. I think she's been working out. . .
She was also designated "Elevator Girl" by Enrique Then Big Wil showed up. . .
We never thought we would ever see the day. . . Enrique and his ONE... night stand. Okay, we were getting silly at this point. We finally got it done! Oh yeah Gary and Rose also stopped by, they thought there was a yard sale and then Tony put them to work. . . Hey Gary that's what you get for asking how much the stools were selling for.
The Crew (Steve was gone by then).

So Tony, John and James are headed out to Vegas right now. It took more or less 4 hours for 11 people to load that truck. I wonder how long it will take the three going to unload it?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Me, a college professor?

I received a phone call the other week. One of the professors at the college I work at as a computer tech told me that he recommended me to teach a computer graphics class, two of them actually. As I am still working on my masters, I didn't think I would actually be seriously considered for the position.

A week has gone by...

"Hello, we were wondering if you are still interested in teaching two classes that we are offering in September. You were highly recommended by..."


I still plan on teaching at the high school level, but until then this should be fun...(start nervous tic).

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


So I was on my way home when I get this strange phone call.

"Two of your friends are looking for you. Meet them at the police station."

I didn't recognize the voice or the phone number, but the police station? I figured it would be safe and if two of my friends were at the police station, they may be in trouble (automatic response, hahaha). As I pull up, a car drives up and I am "forced into another car. So much for safe!
So now I'm in the back seat of the car and I have no clue as to where we were going, other than south. I pull out my Sidekick and IM'd the first person that was still online.

"Traci, I've been kidnapped!"
"I'm in a car and I've been kidnapped!"

I'm hoping my kidnappers (since I'm no longer a kid...I know... is it still considered "kid"napping?) doesn't notice the glow from the Sidekick.

Traci: Uncle Angel, Nat says hi.

I put away the Sidekick before they saw it, not like it was doing me any good. I realize that we were now in Laguna Beach. The Pageant of the Masters was still getting out so there are a lot of people on the streets. Downtown Laguna Beach would be a great place to hang out at night if there were more places open at night. For the most part, there are 2 bars/night clubs, a gas station and a Diedrich's Coffee that are still open.

The car is now on PCH heading north. I've driven this route many times before. To the right were all these multi-million dollar homes. Never really got to check them out while driving. They are certainly big but otherwise not that impressive.


and driving...

After a while they start asking me these questions and none of it makes any sense... so after a while they realize they grabbed the wrong guy. They apologized repeatedly, they even stopped at Shorehouse Cafe in Seal Beach and fed me. They dropped me off at my car where they took me earlier and asked not to call the police on them.

I thought well, they did feed me and it was a nice drive... But still, if anyone out there see these two people...Keep away from them. Unless of course you are hungry, bored and want to go for a nice drive through some coastal communities at night... Oh and you are nabbed by them, don't call Traci for help...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Move to Hacienda Heights

I should move to the Hacienda Heights area, considering how much time I spend in that area. I was there with James Saturday night. Yesterday, I had dinner at Life Plaza with Stephanie and my sister. Tonight, Wayne and I headed out to a Maxim off Nogales. That's three nights in a row! I really need to find another city...

Unless I had some work that needed to be done at home, people wouldn't find me there. That being said I see alot of things around town. Some of them pretty normal stuff, a few very interesting. But every so often, I'll witness something that I put under the "you only see this on TV or the movies" file. When those things occur, I'm usually kicking myself in the head for not having a camera on hand. Lately, I've been keeping a camera with me for those "just in case" situations. Yesterday afternoon, I was at an intersection waiting for the left turn light to go on. A semi-truck pulling two trailers was coming from my right about to make a left turn, when it started to tip over. The cab and the first trailer spun out and slowly... and when I say slowly, I mean check your watch slowly... tipped over. You know when you are about to fall and you are sort of trying to balance out and teeter abit to keep from falling? It was like that. The driver crawled out ok, I didn't think he would be hurt since he pretty much had so much time to brace himself.
It was then that I started smacking myself on the head, realizing that I did not have my camera with me! ARGH! Anyway, I think I should keep one of those disposable digital cameras in the car from now on. Would definitely, keep me from any self inflicted injuries after things like that happens and I realize I left the camera at home...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hacienda Heights Eats

Had dinner with my sister and Stephanie tonight at Life Plaza tonight. Life Plaza has been a staple for eats for quite a while and from there we've found other places to eat in that area. It was a little confusing telling people of Life Plaza. The name of the restaurant is Life Plaza in the Diamond Plaza in Hacienda Heights. What? That's usually the response I get. The food is usually very good, I try to order something I've never ordered before so, there are hits and misses. Tonight had a lot of hits.
Usually we would go a few doors down to Genki Living - Japanese Dessert Land, but we weren't in a crepes kind of mood. But if it's crepes or a Barley embryo milk tea (ordered it just for the name, but it was a hit) you are craving for then Genki it is! We ended up at Tea Station across the street from the Puente Hills Mall. We shared a mango shaved ice. And tore it up.

I have some friends vacationing in Seattle right now. Usually, I would tease some of them every time I go out for crepes or shaved ice but I think they are having too much fun for my teasing to have much of an effect. See you guys when you get back!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Root Canal !!

One of my worst fears... the dentist. I don't know why, but I get so tense and psych myself out everytime I go to the dentist. I had to go today for the tooth I broke last Sunday. I was even considering "postponing" the trip (read: not going at all), since there was no pain involved, but that wasn't a serious thought, just entertaining the fantasy.
But I have to admit the discomfort I felt the whole time basically came from me. Casey's husband, Ben, was top notch. Though, when he first said root canal, part of me was looking at the exit. I even had a mental picture of me running out the door. After 3 1/2 hours on the chair, I had a temporary crown and just a slight discomfort along my neck and back from tensing so much, again that part was all me. I didn't feel any pain and even now that the anesthesia has worn out, the only discomfort I feel is from having to keep my mouth open for so long.
I have not been very good to my teeth and this experience is changing my attitude towards my oral hygiene. So all is good, I even had lunch with Ben and Casey before I headed back down to Los Angeles. We had baby back ribs, still being a little tentative on chewing on the left side of my mouth, but veggies and potato were no problem.
I go back the end of this month for my permanent crown... HEY! I didn't get a lollipop!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Git yer hands dirty!

How passionate are you towards what is happening around you? At your work, at home, club or church? Or are you a "Someone ought'a do something" kind of person? Armchair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen.

I heard all the "there ought'a be a law" and "something should be done" comments. Interestingly enough there was a series of commercials about this.
A group of people standing around a running faucet. Everyone commenting how inconsiderate and thoughtless the person was for leaving the faucet running. This went on for a while until somebody finally reached over and turned it off.
To many people complain about how things are being handled or run, yet they fall short of doing anything about it.

The church is like that. Unless the "powers that be", the leadership team, the administration, basically the people given the responsibility to make decisions for the church do what they do full time, they are going to need your help and even if they are they are going to need your help anyway. They have their "day jobs" and usually it is nothing like what they do for the church. So help them out.
Got an idea? Have them put it on the agenda, don't just mention it.
Don't like how a situation is being handled? Ask to address the board, to complain ONLY to the membership is like gossip.
Don't know how? Look for someone who does and don't stop until you do.
Finally, if all else fails... "Git yer hands dirty!" If you are passionate enough to make noise, you should be passionate enough to get it done, good or bad.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Scotty was beamed up

James Doohan aka Scotty in the original Star Wars TV Series past away July 20th, he was 85. I'll admit to it, I am a trekkie or a trekker depending on when you became a fan.
Scotty was one of my favorite characters of the show. He definitely was more animated than Sulu or Chekov. Though Chekov got better in the movies.

Everytime something doesn't work right or goes wrong, I usually go to my Scotty impersonation,"Capten, she's breaken op! I canna hold her any longer!" hahahaha Gotta love it!

Rest in Peace Scotty. This time it was your turn to be "beamed up."

Monday, August 01, 2005

Broke a tooth

I was at a Get-Together BBQ Sunday. It was a great day and as usual for a Cornerstone event, there was a LOT of food! I got there fairly early so things were still being set up. Ken was getting the teriyaki burgers ready and Darrell was heating up the grill. While that was going on I picked up a fried chicken leg and on the last bite (isn't it always on the last bite?) I felt what I thought was a bone. I spat it out on a napkin and it was a tooth or rather a piece of it!
At first, I was thinking OWWW! Then I realized that I wasn't feeling any pain! It was kind of a numb sensation. The rest of the tooth is still in my mouth so I figured I'll have it looked at later since I don't know of any dentist that works on Sundays. Besides, I was not in pain and I was enjoying the party...

I made an appointment to see the dentist Friday. I hope the "no pain" continues. Just my luck, I probably just "jinxed" it. Until then I guess I'll keep chewing on the right side just in case...